Joseph Autumn Bust Photo Smiling Mirthfully in Forested Park SettingJoseph Autumn brings to his writing, both fiction and non-fiction, an adoration of the awkwardness of being human, a fierce and bitingly witty attentiveness to injustices large and small, and an insight into the meaning and importance of freedom, nature, laughter and moral humility.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the ninth and youngest child in one of the earlier Cold War Asian refugee families to immigrate to the U.S., fortune’s tides, a restless passion and inner and outer waves of duty and necessity wafted him from ghetto to suburb to ivied halls and then back among those fleeing to find an America to call their own — survivors of war, exile, private and public violence, deprivation, structural exclusion, social isolation, systemic persecution and involuntary servitude.

He has lived among, worked with, learned from and taught people from all walks of life, young and old, powerless and powerful, devout and profane, Queer and queerer, East Coast, Midwest, West Coast and in Asia and Oceania abroad.

Above all, he writes to infect the world with a love for living among and laughing on.

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