Bleu: A Creation Myth In the Making

Bleu: A Creation Myth In the Making

Book One of the Mildred’s Crossing Trilogy

Liberty Environment Press is pleased to announce that Book One of the Mildred’s Crossing¬†trilogy, Bleu: A Creation Myth In the Making, is now available in e-book format:

Book Cover of Blue: A Creation Myth in the Making by Joseph Autumn. A young woman in a gold dress is walking away in shallow water on a sunny beach toward the sea in the distance, her dress's very long tail billowing behind her to the left. Image fades into purple black storm image on right edge with lightning streaking down, and above in the sky fades into a sideways image of an airplane wing with islands in the distance behind and below.

A burly hermit strides up the steps of city hall to protest her farm’s foreclosure.

An alien exiled to Earth longs for the fragrant red meadows of his native world.

A lame-legged chess prodigy is abducted into a van, while an unusual girl and a telepathic dog eavesdrop on his mind.

These characters form a pentagram, like the one dangling from the girl’s neck.

“Pentagrams are scary,” thinks the dog.

But Mildred disagrees. “A pentagram is a grounding figure.”

When her mother schedules her exorcism, Mildred runs away, drawn to the boy with the limp. As dozens of psi-intelligence agencies pursue her, bent on exploiting her powers, new friendships and alliances crack family secrets to reveal unwitting heroes and everyday villains in their midst.

But Mildred’s destiny lies elsewhere, as if the fate of the world turned on the opening of an unexpected flower.

And Bleu? There are those who say he caused all the trouble, broke the pentagram. There are those who say he was just a harmless ne’er-do-well, or that he never even existed.

And yet far in the future, where an apprentice bard named Alessandra listens shrewdly to this ancient tale of Mildred’s Crossing, what role Bleu played in it is a dangerous question, a question she cannot quell, for in it lies the bane and promise of a world gone mad with remembering.

BLEU: A CREATION MYTH IN THE MAKING is a cosmic picaresque where tender-heartedness tilts time against the senseless ways of the world.

The Prologue and first few chapters of the novel are available for preview on

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