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Civil and Constitutional Rights

Dred Scott and Covington Drawbridge: Taney’s Crucible For Civil Liberty and Equality

Taney’s Defense of Robust Citizen Liberty and Equality in Dred Scott U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger B. Taney ruled in the 1857 Dred Scott case that state “citizens” in the meaning of the U.S. Constitution are protected by the Bill of Rights against all state, territorial and federal laws except their home state laws. …

Ecocentric Anthronormative Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is an emerging area of business activity that analyzes organizations from an information processing perspective to align its IT investments and usage with the business’ needs. Enterprise Architects typically use one or more industry-developed best-practice frameworks, such as TOGAF or FEAF, that call for modeling as-built and target architectures using semantic modeling systems such as Archimate. …

Equality Assurance: Optimizing Non-discrimination Policy and Practice with Robust Axiomatic Design and ARIZ QA Transformed Through the Contract Theory of Ecology

Introduction ARIZ is a method of resolving design contradictions by identifying design assumptions to reject, and then forcing the designer to investigate the physical feasibility of constructing mechanisms that defy the rejected design assumptions. The Taguchi method of Robust Design fine-tunes already functionally tolerable design parameter variances to dampen the interactions among them that degrade …

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