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Ecology and Economics

Liberating Praxeology from Anthropocentrism

Introduction Ludwig von Mises was right about how markets operate but wrong to limit the scope of his analysis to human activity, for what he defines as “human action” must, for consistency and completeness, be assumed to underly all action in nature. Otherwise his analysis gets wrong what constitutes labor, value and production. The Anthropocentrism …

Towards A Contract Theory of Ecology

Introduction The only distinction between “the economy” and the “the environment” is the fear and bigotry humans bear against non-human freedom in nature.  It is high time we humans grew up about this.  Industrialists must recognize that the economy includes the natural environment replete with non-human free-willed beings endowed with the same natural rights as …

What is a Liberty Environment?

Introduction Just as a community has a good or bad business environment, it also has a good or bad liberty environment. Its liberty environment is how harmoniously it allows people with conflicting views and values to live and prosper together through free contract. What is Liberty? Liberty is practical unpredictability. Strange definition? I define liberty …

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