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Poetry – General Audience

These poems are suitable for audiences of all ages. I don’t believe in separating literature for children from literature in general because I don’t believe children should be ghettoed in their reading, but I do believe in separating out literature with mature content from general literature to let everyone know that parents and guardians have some work to do to postpone or mediate the introduction of that material to those who lack the life experience yet to digest it.

So the poetry in this subsection is for people of all ages, and minors are encouraged to explore here freely.


what a boat could say on a windless day when it moves by fire sings an octave higher (yet this barge though not a barge feels like a barge it’s a ferry sure) than i could ever sing. i could not sing in tune, on key, in time, at all in fissures raw i could …


pleasant as the shadow of a parlor trick we pass the snack bowls to and fro like a self-playing billiards game.   and though we both pretend the other doesn’t act like someone else when company is over we can think of little else amid the chatter.   how we become more and less ourselves …


pre-entrance examination ? lost reservation at the motel ? long wait at the breakfast place ? follow the realtor ? you end up where someone else thinks you belong is our America (don’t check the map) is our home from the very beginning wee the peephole


is a word without a song is a terd without a barn is a murder out of town suspended in between my palate and my tongue oh oh oh levitate my tremolo oh oh oh


and we continue our journey past the Saul in the night who pretends to be Mr. Kronecker who sees infinity for what it is but no more about that for now. walk onward as the night people do and you will see a naked manhole cover trembling as a truck grimaces by, cold steam rising …

diacritical remark

all poems are the same. they worry me.


deleting poetry is so much easier than crossing it out crumpling it up burning it shredding it eating it dissolving it in gin oh that i could say that about stuff i have said aloud and there is that moment of Shelly-like abandon when my finger comes down insouciantly upon the submit button and i …


he caresses the backs of his own outstretched fingers she asks what are you doing he does not say he does not know he simply stops the collins’s are coming over next tuesday night they need our help with the wedding plans he starts to stroke his fingers again, and she says what are you …

in time

weeping willow goes to sleep and i am on my coverlet so cold   but if it comes to solid ones i’ll take the fishing game of ghosts no more hangman no more crosswords i can’t take that confrontation   no i’ll take my happy nap and feign a dream of slow unwinding when it …

Interference from a Window

Hot coffee black uncaffeinated so He does not wake as much as it might seem. The day is not an asset on his team. He sips and ducks into his cubicle. If certain folks would not pace to and fro And marketing would stop reversing meme The product might fulfill the market’s dream Of digitally …

look there

There’s some place worth going to and I want to take you there. It’s not a long journey, but it may take a while. Whistle stops and carrot tops – you could say it’s like a train ride, but it’s more of a train being ridden by its windows looking through its passengers making mime …

out of water

orange-vested, seated on a wet plank, he shifts to a drier spot but the wet shifts with him. a crowded canoe with strangers exposes his past. unmoored sick he coughs into his elbow crook leeward, to keep his contagion segregated from the swale of chatter that marks off a habitat not his.

pardigmatic flaw

true hard design pixelates the skyline. we wouldn’t know an architect from an heirloom tomato magnate if it weren’t for the blue prints all over the sidewalk.


Cousin to the egret, a regret is a bird with salacious plumes Tempting all who wander near it to shoot it and pluck it naked. Was a bird Extinct now, the regret lives on in the minds of those who lament The onward march of evolution Not I.   I lament only that which is …

Some Tokens

Celestial heaven is a redundant phrase. Americana makes for good pizza pie. Giant pickles, tiny lace doilies, the big and small fascinate the landscape from sea to frosty heartache bubble and pop in my clay oven hot oh my soul sings a wicked-the-willow-the-wisp for me my weekend troll my daily bowl unquakes with tempered leaveningly …

Sunrise in Ueno Park

One semester of Japanese does not make one viable in Tokyo. I never found out what it was like to be treated like a foreigner there, though, because as I learned quickly from the faces around me, both from the variety of their shapes and colors, and from the unreserved colloquialism with which they sometimes …


duphty rode whindy ztreet glimy trigger treat wut when rowngg?? miss de Song? shoe iz one sigh wet how’d you get never mind baroomph and borobine wut werd cumz inn n out aginn not whut it were between iz whut u seen? izappy dat it spelld like listerine.

The Uncertainty of Principle

Heisenberg’s uncertainty extended to his decision to stay in Germany when the grand dame of German physics, Lise Meitner, fled. Oh, he was certain he would stay. He was certain Nazi oppression would be defeated, too. He did not know how long it would take, though, or how it would be done. He stayed out …

The Uncertainty of Principle

Clues untwined become not an answer but an itch of coarse fibers. Had twinned particles of energy not collided they would have been or would they have not except the two of them could not okay? okaaaaaayyyyyy????????? A soft demand, not a hard one, i am not three I am one. I can barely walk. …


Infinite twist Weak kneed Sure enough Broken Sauerkraut Wakey wakey Button up shirt undone chew hard practice secretly act casual oh no But Not Cake again Rain syrupy Turn down Don’t cry Okay cry Touch my Knee knuckle Dream small few days I will never forget you And I never do


I copy you you copy me the earth revolves around a tree a simianotic odyssey   pea pie tucked on high whip-worn whiskey sauce the sky chuckle in the theme hut tighten down the wing nut place unbound walk-on why demands a lie   I meander through the voiceless streets the squalor romances me inward …


 what a cold september winter she went walking in well she thought she was in a good mood but the canopy of day bent those perceptions   when she came upon a snowbank higher than she could reach she remembered a bracelet she could not quite grasp when she was unable yet to form the …


Wrinkles Aware of the top of his head as if for the first time He watched the clouds glide stoically past As the loose flapping corner of the balcony screendoor Mesh gestured wildly to the billowy behemoths to stop But there is no getting on such buses He thought without knowing that he thought For …


i love the zoo so many critters in their respective places getting along because they can read about each other’s natures on the placards but they don’t bother to read they can see everyone is happy

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