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Poetry – Mature Content (R Rated)

The poetry in this subsection contains potentially disturbing and unpleasant content that many minors may wish to avoid, and they are encouraged to seek guidance from a trusted parent or guardian.


we could walk a wicked mile and be besotted with our genius although the canopy oversells us in our rapid insinuation we rest in the moonlight, too stupefied to pretend we respond to the influence of wolven genera, too human to be unlike the rest yet there is one touch and there is another there …

No Mo’ Whinin’ Puhleez

That Cahlnization Sosahhty whinah was skulkin round here gin, upsettin the slaves with his mealy mouf flattuhry uv’em, tryin the patience o’ the good men an wimmin what keep ouah nation safe from the ovahseas monichies what always schemin t’incite our dahkies t’riot. Why the gennuhmen put up with this gadflah I cannot uhmagine. Always …


we did what we did awkwardly at best with an elbow and a knee in the way with accessories that snag and tangle when it was dark we had to switch on a light to get it in and when it was light we did not feel at ease with these lumpy knobby things we …


what goes on in subways doesn’t matter happily buried witnesses don’t exist glint of steel flick of flesh grope of day smile in the night subterranean culture has its own metaphysical protocol a riot on the T is contained like a test explosion underground let it play out through five missed stops and then clean …

The Monomoth Decameron

Should I look up this word? I want to take a poll. Should I look this word up? Quotidian. I used to know what it means. I’ve forgotten. I used to love when I would forget the meaning of a simple word, usually a Germanic one like “Bell.” Not exactly forget it, but find it …

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