Return to Poetry – Mature Content (R Rated)


we did what we did awkwardly at best
with an elbow and a knee in the way
with accessories that snag and tangle
when it was dark we had to switch on
a light to get it in and when it was light
we did not feel at ease with these lumpy
knobby things
we have where we might imagine bodies
made to do these things we don’t know
how to talk about

but now the kids are grown and we are
still the lumpy couple we have always
been and what we do not know of
some things we know of others, like

fresh-squeezed juice on a Sunday morning
quiet afternoons in the sunlight brushing shoulders
roses because roses always do what they are supposed to do
other things we also see in the life insurance and bank commercials but
it’s us, it’s us, it’s our juice and our Sundays and our shoulders
and our roses and our … stuff.

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