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Feb 17

Measuring Diversity and Inclusion

In collecting data on diversity, asking someone’s gender is a biased, leading question, even (especially) when it offers a bunch of options including non-binary, gender queer and gender non-conforming. It presumes and forces a gender identity theory frame on the respondent’s lived experience of the sex/gender system. It’s like viewing that experience through a bundle …

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Dec 02

Quid Pro Quo Harassment, Moral Bigotry and Patronizing Action

Quid pro quo harassment is the use of an organization’s power by some of its members acting as petty tyrants, to dole out advantages or disadvantages to selected client-victims, often through a combination of fraudulent representation and insinuated coercion, so as to induce those client-victims to submit to a relationship of paternalistic patronage under the …

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Aug 28

Bullying Is Always Discrimination

The aggregate differential impact of the societal phenomenon of workplace bullying along race and gender lines is well-documented. In the U.S., men perpetrate sixty-nine percent of workplace bullying, thirty-nine percent targeting women and thirty percent targeting other men. Women perpetrate the other thirty-one percent of it, twenty-one percent targeting other women and ten percent targeting …

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Apr 21

Public Restroom Gender Apartheid

Policies allowing self-identified gender to determine public or workplace restroom and locker room choice cry out for an overall review of sex/gender equity, inclusion, privacy and safety in regard to restroom and changing room facility design and construction, and policies governing public restroom and changing room use. For example, I don’t know if any public …

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Dec 06

Perhaps we should stop calling macroaggression “microaggresion”

The term “microaggression” has come into common use of late to describe any personal interaction that has the effect of suppressing the full and equal participation in civil society of a member of an oppressed group. The mechanism of the suppression varies widely, but the usage of the term is generally meant to cover any such …

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Oct 18

three more poems – The Uncertainty of Principle, No Mo’ Whinin’ Puhleez, Unforgettable

These poems were submitted to the Beechers 2014 Poetry Contest, and I am publishing them now to the general public: The Uncertainty of Principle No Mo’ Whinin’ Puhleeze (Rated R, Mature Audiences Only) Unforgettable

Oct 18

two poems – Some Tokens, Sunrise in Ueno Park

These poems were submitted to the St. Petersburg Review’s 2014 Poetry Contest. I am sharing them now with the general public: Some Tokens Sunrise in Ueno Park

Oct 18

Five more poems – Cheerlorn, caustic, symphatico, pardigmatic flaw, zoo

These five poems were submitted to the Tusculum Review 2014 Poetry Contest. I am sharing them to the public now: Cheerlorn caustic symphatico pardigmatic flaw zoo

Oct 17

three more poems, again – diacritical remark, Interference from a Window, dumplings

These three poems were submitted to the 2014 Neil Shepard Prize competition last year. I am sharing them now with you, the general public: diacritical remark Interference from a Window dumplings

Oct 12

Three more poems – in time, billiards, were

These three poems were entered in the Bellingham Review’s 2014 Poetry Contest last year. In following my policy of submit once, then publish openly, I am sharing these poems now with the general public. in time billiards were